Compas Architecture

Every project starts by listening, philosophy before the first line...

The company

COMPAS ARCHITECTURE with its headquarters in Paris is founded by Darab BAGHAI and Nuri BOFILL. Darab BAGHAI, a graduate of Harvard University and the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris, is registered with the French Order of Architects. Nuri BOFILL, a graduate of Harvard University, is an architect and urban planner registered in Spain and Venezuela. The areas of expertise and achievements covered by this association range from urban planning projects in Venezuela to the construction and renovation of buildings for offices and résidential , the renovation of private mansions and luxury apartments in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Abu Dhabi
COMPAS ARCHITECTURE brings an international dimension and multicultural perspectives with the imperatives of a global project combining the architecture of volumes and the interior details of a turnkey tailor-made project. The core values of each project's philosophy, sustainable development, space planning and the well being and technology in the habitat are key factors for our team to create a realization in its smallest details.

Our philosophy

Compas architecture offers high quality projects to its clients thanks to a special listening to the project originators, enabling “eurythmia”, or the “sound harmony of the different parts of the building”, according to the antic architect Vitruvius (90 – 20 BC). This result is obtained through a special care granted to the client at each step of the project, his or her desires and intentions, as well as to the inputs allowed by the international dimension of the architecture firm and the multicultural perspectives carried by its members. 

Parce que chaque projet en architecture est “un jeu savant de formes (…) assemblées dans la lumière” pour reprendre la citation de Le Corbusier (1887 – 1965), COMPAS ARCHITECTURE bénéficie de l’expertise pour combiner les impératifs d’un programme global alliant l’architecture des volumes aux détails d’intérieur d’un projet sur mesure, livré clef en main.
Les valeurs incontournables de la philosophie de chaque projet, les é

Because each and every project in architecture is “a masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light” to use a famous quote by Swiss architect Le Corbusier (1887 – 1965), COMPAS ARCHITECTURE enjoys the expertise required to combine the imperative of a global programme marrying volume architecture with the interior details of a bespoke, ready for use project. The unavoidable values tied to the philosophy of every project, the elements linked to sustainable development, technology and wellbeing in the built space constitute the major components of an elaborate architectural project.


The listening, understanding, emotion and translation of the client’s desires and dreams are the origins of the inspiration at the roots of every project.

Project philosophy

The search for a meaning and the adaptation of the client’s aspirations lead to the conception of every project in an ad hoc fashion.

Fore project

The creation of sketches, plans, photos enable a realistic representation of the planned project according to the client’s specifications.


L’innovation autour des matériaux, dInnovation in the material used, construction and environmental concerns is incorporated in each project in order to put technology at the service of architecture and wellbeing.

Know how

Every project is based on the know how of craftsmen and artists who combine beauty, sensitivity and meaning.

Scale harmony

Everything is thought out so as to find every detail of a project’s overall harmony.

Project realization

ConInspiration conception,

Mmaterialization of ideas

and completion of a dream.